Artistic Glass Studio

I started making stained glass windows in 1984 and since then have made hundreds of doors, windows and church artglass. Glass is a very rewarding art form and I do enjoy it every day.  I have learned numerous glass techniques along the way from many very talented artists and craftsmen.  I have built windows and shipped them around the world, however most of my work has been created for Oklahomans.  I have worked with other glass artists here and in other states to create stained glass for the Oklahoma State Capitol dome, Oklahoma Judicial Center, 25 Hard Rock Cafes, churches, government and private offices, as well as restorations of Italian, French, German and American antique artglass. I have worked on windows and other art pieces from Waterford crystal to 18th century Venetian blown glass and a Tiffany window.  I have sculptures, artglass, paintings, ceramic, wood and mixed media in collections across the country. Through the years I have had the opportunity to study glass and art across the US and England, France and Italy.  It has been my pleasure to teach glass from my studio and for Hot Glass Horizons in Corning NY and Portland OR in the 1990's.  My work is custom made to clients' specific need and to fit their lifestyle.  It can be challenging at times but at the completion, its always worth the time and effort to create unique pieces with the highest craftsmanship to stand the test of time.  Glass is like no other material on earth, both a solid and liquid at virtually the same time.  Vitreous and fluid, it can be blown and shaped, cut and fused, crushed and ground, etched and polished, painted and cast.  Literally for thousands of years people have made glass a part of their lives to make their surroundings more beautiful or used it to make their lives easier.  Gone are the days of the milkman bringing fresh milk in a washed glass bottle and picking up the empties  to recycle.  Glass is green, not only in color but in our planets life. It can and is recycled over and over every day, endlessly.  It is impervious to most chemicals,  hard as steel and fragile as a rose. Glass is used in every car, television, cell phone and home everyday.  Let me make your world a little better with some custom glass made especially for you.  I have been working in Glass for 31 years. I  started as a summer job working for a stained glass shop in Oklahoma City in 1984.  My job consisted of helping customers with glass selection for projects and maintaining the shop inventory of supplies and glass.  I enjoyed the job and began staying after to help with classes and learning new techniques. I began to design my own windows and projects for the studio.  I began doing the commissioned work for the shop. I started my own business in 1991 and purchased a building in Bethany OK on Route 66.  It was and old Bakery and I had 1300 Sq Ft to work in. I was there till 1998 then moved to 122nd and I-35 when I purchased the Surrey House Restaurant building.  I remodeled it and rented space to other artists. Now I have my studio at my house. I purchased it in 2000 and I have 2600 Sq Ft in a building in the back.